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Admission and general information

Is there an admission fee?
The site itself and parking lot are free of charge. Guided tours are also free. There is a fee for Jomon craft workshops.
Is the site wheelchair accessible?
Paths are paved in most areas, but there are steps before some of the remains / structures.
Can I borrow a stroller / wheelchair? Are there any wheelchair accessible restrooms or restrooms with baby changing facilities?
We have two strollers and eight wheelchairs available. Ask at the information desk in Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center). Three wheelchair accessible restrooms with baby changing facilities are located in Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center) and one in the remains site.
Are pets allowed in Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center) or on the site?
Pets are not allowed except for guide dogs and service dogs.
Can I check in my belongings?
Lockers are available for free. You need a 100 yen coin to lock them, but it will be returned when you retrieve your belongings. Luggage larger than the size of the lockers can be checked in at the information desk. Be sure to keep any valuables with you.
Are multilingual brochures or audio guides available?
We have English, Chinese, and Korean brochures. Audio players are available for you to listen to the video in English, Chinese, or Korean at the Jomon Theater.
Can I try a Jomon outfit on?
Yes, you can try it on for free and take a picture. They are available at the information desk and in Sanmaru Museum.
How should I plan my route?
We have a few recommended routes depending on how long you would like to stay. Click here for more details.

Guided tours

How can I join a guided site tour by volunteers? Where should I go to meet them?
No reservation is required for scheduled guided tours. Come to the blue sign near the entrance hall and at the end of Jiyu Tunnel. Click here for more details.
How long is a guided site tour?
It takes approximately 50 minutes.
Do you offer guided tours for groups?
Yes, we offer guided tours for groups of 10 or more. Fax a request at least a week before the day you plan to visit. Click here for more details.

Exhibition room “Sanmaru Museum”

What is the admission fee?
Entrance to Sanmaru Museum is free.
Do you offer guided tours of the museum?
Yes, but tours are in Japanese only. Museum tours run twice a day from 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Meet at the museum entrance if you wish to join the tour. It is approximately 20 minutes long. Please note in advance that tours may not be available during busy seasons. Questions are always welcome both during and outside the tour hours.
May I take pictures of the exhibited objects?
Yes you can. Please however contact us if you wish to use the photos in publications.
Were all objects exhibited in the museum excavated in the Sannai-Maruyama site?
Yes. Sanmaru Museum exhibits approximately 500 important cultural properties excavated at this site.


Are there any workshop activities?
Yes. We have workshops in Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center). Click here for more details including opening hours.
Where can I buy the materials that are necessary for the workshops?
You can purchase them at the museum shop next to the workshop room.

Souvenirs and restaurants

Are there any kiosks or restaurants?
In Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center), there is Restaurant Gosennen-no Hoshi and a kiosk called Hokusaikan.
Do you sell postcards?
They are available at the kiosk Hokusaikan. Please note, however, that there are no mailboxes in Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center).
Do you sell any books about the site?
Yes, they are available at the museum shop and at the kiosk.

Other information

Are there any ATMs?
There are no ATMs in Jomon Jiyukan (Park Center).
Are there any shortcuts from the site to the Aomori Museum of Art? How long does it take to get there on foot?
You can take Jomon no Komichi (Jomon Pathway) to go to the museum. It takes approximately 10 minutes on foot. Please note that the pathway will be closed during the winter months.