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1 Introduction

This site is an online system that allows you to browse digital images and textual information about not only excavations and artifacts from the Sannai Maruyama Site, but also Jomon village landscapes and research results. You can search by free word, by theme, or by randomly displayed images.


The data may be inadequate, incomplete, or erroneous. Although we continuously review and check the data, please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy or other aspects of the data.


Excavation and research are still ongoing at the Sannai Maruyama Site, and we will continue to add to the contents that can be made public. Therefore, please note that this site contains only some of the contents that are currently available and does not include all of the information on the Sannai Maruyama Site.


2 How to use this website

  1. Free text search
    Enter the keyword(s) you wish to search.
  2. Detailed search
    Enter the keyword(s) you wish to search for and narrow your search by theme.
  3. Search by theme
    You can search by specific themes such as remains of buildings, pottery and stone artifacts, important cultural properties, etc.
  4. Random image search
    Images of publicly available photographs and image data will be displayed randomly, and you can click on them to view the information.