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Remains and reconstructed models of large pillar-supported buildings

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Remains of large pillar-supported buildings

Pillar-supported buildings were built by erecting pillars in holes to support floors and the roof. At this site, we have found two lines of 3-pillar holes with a diameter and depth of approximately 2 meters. The holes were neatly arranged at intervals of approximately 4.2 meters. From these holes, protrude wooden columns made of chestnut with a diameter of approximately 1 meter. These columns are believed to be from the end of the middle of the Jomon period (approximately 4,600 years ago).


Pictures of the remains of a large pillar-supported buildings (at the time of excavation) and the wooden columns made of chestnut found in the pillar holes


Reconstructed large pillar-supported buildings

This large pillar-supported buildings was reconstructed to dimensions estimated as a result of excavation research and analysis of the pressure on the soil at the bottom of the pillar holes. It was reconstructed as a 3-story building with 4.2-meter wide floors that fit the distance between the pillars. The roof has not been reconstructed since there are several possible theories as to its form


A few pictures of the reconstructed large pillar-supported buildings